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Guaranteed Discount on Your Monthly AWS Invoice

Official Reseller

As an official AWS Reseller, we can give you discounts on AWS Services.

Our Risk, Your Benefit

Our platform signs up for long term AWS contracts and gives you discounts without commitments.

Easy to Enable

It takes 20 minutes to enable the service. No impact on your technology or security.

How it Works

You become part of our family, we pay your AWS bill, you get a discounted invoice from us.

What Do Our Customers Think?

”We save tens of thousands of USD with Cloud Family annually. The onboarding literally took 15 minutes, post that Cloud Family manages our savings automatically.”

Torbjörn Claesson
Bygglet AB
"At Adnavem, we slashed our AWS bills with Cloud Family in just 15 minutes. They manage the contracts; we enjoy the discounts. A true game-changer in our AWS strategy. Highly recommend to join the Family!"
Adnavem - David-1 (2)
David Sparrefors
Commercial Director
Adnavem AB
"It was a no-brainer to sign with Cloud Family. We get discounts on our existing AWS Cloud Compute Spend without any risk or commitment."
Martin Bergqvist
Martin Bergqvist
Digital Brain Nordic AB
Digital Brain Nordic

Products Overview


Automatically decreases your AWS cost.


Alerts you of unexpected increased AWS cost.